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Visual Studio 2008 / glut32

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Well, I generally prefer creating a folder for all addin-libraries and setup the include/lib/src directories for Visual Studio. The dir/bin is added to path and there is no problem. I do it this way because it is easy to deploy the app when it is ready. But this is what I do :)

Well, perhaps the most "native" way would be to put everything in $VCDdir{include,bin,lib}. Just create a subfolder vcdir/inlcude/GL and put the include file there.

P.S. I really should sleep more...

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Wherever you want!

I personally (when I'm forced to use Windows), put any new libs/include files/binary files in Program Files/

So for SDL, I would have

C:\Program Files\SDL
which contains an include directory, lib, and bin.

All you have to do then is to go into the options (I believe it is under the "Project" menu)

Click on the option which reads "VC++ Directories" or something like that.

From there, you simply add all the required directories. So if I wanted to add the include directory, I'd select the appropriate selection from the dropdown box, and then click add, then browse to the proper directory (C:\Program Files\SDL\include\) and then thats it.

Even if you add the lib files as an include thing, you'll probably have to go into your project settings and name each .lib file that your project requires. (I forget how to do this -- but I've given you enough terms to use Google! You'll probably get specific GLUT results)

(which is the reason I use Ubuntu -- having a package manager is just that much easier IMO, but that's irrelevant to your question, so I'll leave it at that)

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