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PixelShader Samplers ?

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Endemoniada    430
Hi guys, I want my pixel shader to have access to two (or more) textures: // app g_d3d_device->SetTexture(0,texture_0); g_d3d_device->SetTexture(1,texture_1); // shader sampler2D image0; // I can't find a sematic for here sampler2D image1; // this should output texture_0 output.color=tex2D(image0,input.uv); // and this should output texture_1 output.color=tex2D(image1,input.uv); ...but they both output the same thing, whatever is in stage0 I see tons of HLSL examples but they rarely show you how to get stuff into the shader. Thanks.

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Lui    115
Something like:
sampler image : register(s0);

should do what you want.

But I would also rather suggest using the sampler state parameters.
If you also need to set filtering or addressing parameters, they can be set by global integer variables.

int g_TexFilter;
int g_TexAnisotropy;

texture g_Texture;
sampler g_sTex = sampler_state
Texture = <g_Texture>;
AddressU = Wrap;
AddressV = Wrap;
MipFilter = LINEAR;
MagFilter = LINEAR;
MinFilter = (g_TexFilter);
MaxAnisotropy = (g_TexAnisotropy);

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Buckeye    10747
You may also need to use different uv's for each of the two textures.

Each sampler must have a unique set of tex coords.

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