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Problems with Visual Studio 2008

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Hi, I am developing with Visual C++ MFC, the IDE I used is the Visual Studio 2008. My problem is: Compared to Visual Studio 6, when I add Control Variable to a Control, let say IDC_Edit which the control variable I named m_Edit1. Why does the code for DoDataExchange ( RED colored on attached code below ) won't automatically created? so that I had to create it myself.. What make question on my mind is on Visual Studio 6, it is automatically created. Below codes taken from Visual Studio 6. void CSample1Dlg::DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX) { CDialog::DoDataExchange(pDX); //{{AFX_DATA_MAP(CSample1Dlg) DDX_Text(pDX, IDC_EDIT1, m_Edit1); //}}AFX_DATA_MAP } How to solve this problem since everyone including me obviously cannot memorize all the DDX command / syntax on their mind..and it is very possible that if someone coding, they sometimes forgot to add that command since they used to think that it will be created automatically. If this happen to a large scale application, it will be difficult to trace why a lot of process / flow does not work as the logic control. Or is there any customization on settings or menu to make it automatically create that line? Thank you very much.

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