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OSDev Series Tutorial 15

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Hey everyone, For those who are following the series, Tutorial 15 has been updated to include demo source, through explanation of the demo, and a nasty bug fix in the second stage bootloader. This tutorial covers processor interrupts, interrupt handling, IRs, IRQs, ISRs, IDTs, IVTs, IDTR, LIDT and SIDT instructions, FLIHs, and SLIHs and more. We also develop a nice interface that allows us to define interrupt handlers to be executed directly by the processor when the interrupt is generated. Tutorial 15: Errors, Exceptions, Interruptions OS Development Series Direct Link I would also like to apologize to our readers for the little delay for the upload with this tutorial. Our game project had to take priority for a little bit. Everyone here knows how hard game development can be :) Please let me know what you think, or if there are any errors in either the tutorial or demo. This series is meant for beginners. Please let me know if there is anything that might be confusing as well. Thanks, and happy programming :)

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