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bottom-up terrain

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Enjoy    355
Hello, I am interested in bottom-up terrain LOD algorithms. Where can I read something on this topic? I found only up-down algorithms, where patches are being subdivided into triangles, basing on a needed LOD. I need something reverse - points are being joined into triangles. I hope everything is clear.

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ndhb    246
The bottom-up approach terrain LOD approach has been generally abandoned in favour of top-down due to the algorithms being very input sensitive and therefore doesn't scale to large terrain datasets. Why are you interested in bottom-up approaches?

Anyway, try looking at Lindstrom et al.: "Real-time, continuous level of detail rendering of height fields".

Also this excellent survey article by Pajarola and Gobbettii: "Survey on Semi-Regular Multiresolution Models for Interactive Terrain Rendering"

Kind regards,
Nicolai Brøgger

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