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I've recently had to adjust my renderer to support polygons with x amount of vertices but the problem is when I try and clip a polygon (using the sutherland hodgman algorithm) with more than three vertices the textures start to dance. I have a polygon structure that holds an array of vertices and the number of vertices as an unsigned int, I basically pass two pointers to two of these structures into the function and it output's the result to the second structure,
int clip(const Polygon *p1, Polygon *p2, const Plane &plane)
   Vertex P = p1->vertices[p1->nVertices-1]; // previous point
   Vertex C;                               // current point
   int tracker = 0;

   for(int a = 0; a < p1->nVertices; a++) {
      C = p1->vertices[a];
         if(dotProduct(C, plane.normal) > plane.dist) { // current point inside
            if(dotProduct(P, plane.normal) > plane.dist) { // both points inside
               p2->vertices[tracker++] = C;
            } else { // current point inside but previous not
               linePlaneIntersection(P, C, plane, p2->vertices[tracker++]);
               p2->vertices[tracker++] = C;
         } else
         if(dotProduct(P, plane.normal) > plane.dist) { // previous point inside but current not
            linePlaneIntersection(P, C, plane, p2->vertices[tracker++]);
      P = C;

   p2->nVertices = tracker;

   return tracker;

to draw the polygon I use:

void drawPolygon(Polygon p) {

   Vertex vBuff[3];

   vBuff[0] = p.vertices[0];

   for(int a = 1; a < p.nVertices-1; a++) {
      vBuff[1] = p.vertices[a];
      vBuff[2] = p.vertices[a+1];

I have a .x file that has 1 face with 4 vertex indices(0, 1, 2, 3), when I use this the texture seems to warp, but if i change it to 2 faces with indices: (0, 1, 2) and (0, 2, 3) it works perfectly. Here's two screen shots: not clipped: Not Clipped clipped: Clipped thanx in advance.

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I'm sure it's somthing to do with the drawing order, would it matter what vertex you start at? eg.

polygon ABCDEF



be any different from



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