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AngelScript 2.12.0 is here

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WitchLord    4677
I've uploaded a new version of AngelScript. The main improvements this time is the addition of Enums and Typedefs to the script language, and the asIObjectType and asIScriptFunction interfaces to the API. All of these were contributed by Chet Simpson. I also added a couple of new methods to asIScriptGeneric, that will let the application obtain more information directly from the interface, such as the object type id, number of arguments, etc. Another thing I improved is AngelScript's capability of recognizing calling conventions of registered functions, i.e. it can now differentiate between global functions, class methods, and generic functions, through template programming. The last mentionable improvement to this version is the new documentation. I've converted the API reference documentation to Doxygen generated html, so it should now be much easier to find needed information. For future versions I intend to convert the entire manual to this new format.

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Shurwint    122
New version has several compilation errors under MSVC++ 6.0:

c:\prj_vc\lib\as\angelscript\source\as_objecttype.cpp(84) : error C2374: 'n' : redefinition; multiple initialization c:\prj_vc\lib\as\angelscript\source\as_objecttype.cpp(67) : see declaration of 'n'

c:\prj_vc\lib\as\angelscript\source\as_builder.cpp(791) : error C2374: 'n' : redefinition; multiple initialization
c:\prj_vc\lib\as\angelscript\source\as_builder.cpp(771) : see declaration of 'n'

c:\prj_vc\lib\as\angelscript\source\as_builder.cpp(2297) : error C2374: 't' : redefinition; multiple initialization
c:\prj_vc\lib\as\angelscript\source\as_builder.cpp(2271) : see declaration of 't'

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