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Terrain Erosion

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Hi! I am trying to implement terrain erosion on a height field by following the paper "The synthesis and rendering of eroded fractal terrains" from Musgrave. I also had a look at the paper "Realtime Procedural Terrain Generation" but mostly I am following the first paper. I implemented the algorithm but don't get the expected results and I wanted to know if anyone also tried to implement the algorithm described in the mentioned paper. My problem is that in my terrain some very small spots (pixels) get extremly heavy erosion and very deep holes are formed which is clearly wrong. I can't explain why this could be happening though. The papers formula for delta w (the amount of water to be moved) looked wrong to me and I replaced it with the formulas from the second paper but that didn't help at all. I still get these very deep holes. The first paper does not mention how the pixels at the border of the heightmap are to be handled and wheter or not water can run off the map. In my implementation I simulate a closed system where nothing gets in or out. An obvios resulting problem is that the water amount never decreses (again something the paper does not mention). Implementiong the evaporation formula from the second paper, so that the water amount in the system decreses reduces the problems of the deep holes but the result of running the erison algorithm for many iterations looks exactly like a blur filter which is not the desired result. I would like some ridges and vallies to appear. So, has anyone attempted to implement this particular algorithm or maybe some other algorithm? If you are interested in seeing some code for trying to find the problem let me know.

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