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Chase Camera and Water Reflection [XNA]

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Hey there! I didn't see a XNA specific forum, so I guess this is the most correct place to post this. If not, feel free to move the thread. Well, I've implemented a Chase Camera using the sample from the XNA site. I've also got water reflections working using Riemer's method. The problem I'm seeing is that the roll on the camera - rotation on the forward axis - gives some odd graphical results with the reflection. I've been trying to fix this for about a two weeks without success. It works fine with a mouse look or first person camera without rolling. Here's my post on the XNA Creator's Club: Seems it gathered no attention, hahahaha. What I'm thinking is that maybe I can work the reflection as if it where a firs person camera; that is, project the virtual camera without the roll to create the reflection map. I also tried using Matrix.CreateReflection to invert the world matrix when rendering the reflection map, and though the roll issue was solved, it also provided unwanted results, hahah. Thanks in advance!!!

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