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[4E6] Pwnyz

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Hey all, Since there are only a few days left before submission, I've decided to finally let GameDev know about the game me and a friend have been working on for the last 4 months.... it's about 90% complete, so the next few days are sure to be grueling, but I am confident it'll be done by submission time. Anyways, here's the info::: ABSTRACT: PWNYZ is an isometric / scrolling tower defense / RTS game which places the user in control of accountants in an accounting office. The office is being attacked by waves of upset ponies. The player must use the accountants to generate money and rig the office with a variety of turrets and booby traps to destroy the ponies before the ponies are able to kill all of the accountants. BASIC STORY: The accountants work for an accounting firm on the 10th floor of a large office complex for an international company that packages pony meat which is named “Pony International Meat Packaging” ( P.I.M.P. :] ). When the game starts, the accountants are informed that the ponies are sick and tired of being butchered for their meat, and are going to come up to the 10th floor of the office complex and attack the accountants. So, the ponies will enter the building on the first floor, pack themselves in one of the four elevators, and ride up to the 10th floor. When the doors open the ponies will stampede into the office in a fit of rage and attempt to kill whatever accountant they can see. The game ends when all accountants are dead. GAMEPLAY: Gameplay begins with a small scripted sequence. A few accountants will be in the office working. Over the office intercom, a message is played notifying the accountants that the pwnyz are very upset and are going to attack the office. After this message, the player will have X amount of time before the first wave of pwnyz comes to defend the office. The waves will come faster and faster with larger number of pwnyz until the accountants have died. When the accountants are informed the ponies are coming to attack, a timer will start to tick down to 0. Before this timer reaches 0, the user will have a chance to use the accountants to build different objects that will kill / delay the ponies. The user can click on an accountant, which will display a new menu (in the "general ledger" on the right side of the screen) with a list of objects the accountant can build. Then, the user simply clicks on the object they want to build and where they want to build it and the accountant will follow this command. List and Description of objects accountants can build:: Cubicle walls – used to make a maze in the office which will delay the ponies from getting to the accountants. Pencil turrets – shoots pencils at ponies within its shooting radius. Minimal damage but high rate of fire. Marker turrets – shoots markers at ponies within its shooting radius. Large amount of damage. Markers explode on impact, doing splash damage to other ponies. Low rate of fire. Water coolers filled with kerosene – placed on the ground in a spot a pony will likely walk over. Kerosene coolers act like proximity mine; it will explode and deal damage to a pony when it walks close enough to it. However, they can only be used once before they need to be rebuilt by an accountant. File cabinets – act as a barrier between the accountants and the ponies. Also, the drawers of the file cabinet will thrust out and damage any pony that happens to walk too close to it. Screen Shot: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us what's left to do? we have to redo most of the artwork, add a fair amount of sound, add a title screen and a message when the game ends. Busy next few days!

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