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mouse picking problem

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Hi all Ive made my own mouse picking code and it works except for the collision cordinates are being offset reletive to the world cooridinates. So if I click on point 0,0,0 the collision point is fine, but say if I click at 0,0,50, it will return the collision point as 0,0,60. This offset gets greater the further away from 0,0,0 you click. Has anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks.

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I guess your picking ray computation is off.
My own method is to compute coordinates of the 8 corners of the view frustum (I do that for frustum rendering when debugging - faster to get picking ray when the frustum is invariant and easier to check Ray computation).
Then, using the 2d mouse coordinates, I compute the near and far plane 3D coordinates.
Last I deduct the Ray parameters for picking.

Hope that helps.

Ghostly yours,

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