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Prasath_AMD    122
I'm new to game programming....I have some doubts about the programming technologies.....Currently I know C,C++,J2SE...I am doing my final sem project in J2SE....But when it comes to game programming C++ is the dominant language why?.....Which development technology should i learn?....(.net or Win32 or Java).....My aim is to become a Graphics/AI programmer.... Also please clarify whats the difference between creating a 'CLR' project and a 'Win32' project.....

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dashurc    236
In the professional world C++ is the dominant language. Especially on home consoles. On PC you'll probably find a more diverse selection though.

A lot of legacy code is written in C(more likely) or C++ (or some frankenstein of the two). Other than on Xbox 360 I don't think there is too much support (in terms of compilers or interpreters) for anything outside of C or C++ (or whatever version of assembly is supported).

If you want to be a graphics programmer, I'd probably just suggest any language you're comfortable with. OpenGL has bindings for a bunch of game capable languages, you could use direct X if you were sticking with Windows platforms, or you could even go C# and XNA. Graphics theory is probably more important than the actual syntactical implementation at this point for you.

If AI is more your interest, just pick any language and start learning concepts for AI. Use 2D (even things as simple as boxes and dots) or even text if it can do the job. Jump to 3D if you really need to. Doing AI work is another field where understanding the underlying concepts is more important than any syntax or implementation detail.

If you're planning on moving into the professional field, C++ is always good to have experience with, but you can always do a C++ implementation of your work after proving the concept in another language if you wanted.

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