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Text Based Game?

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IceKeyMaster    136
Ok, I wan't to make a text based game, but I have to idea where to start. I don't really wan't it to be browser based, because I don't have a website. I wan't to be able to have sound and effects and such. What language/programs would I have to use? Is it even possable?

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signal_    366

Ok, I wan't to make a text based game,

That is a well formulated goal.


but I have to idea where to start.

No problem. Just read the FAQ of this forum. It provides a many links to obtain what you are looking for.

Here are some basic steps.

1. Decide on a programming language.
2. Choose an IDE (integrated development environment(, if applicable
3. Start small. Formulate small goals and accomplish them. Eventually, you chain together something you can be proud of.

For example, I chose to program in the language C++, since I had prior experience with C/C++; it was just easier for me. If you do not know a language currently then consider C, C++, python, C#, etc. Ask around, explore the languages out on yr own with google, etc.

Next, I found an IDE. I used Dev - C++. But, from reading on these forums & other research I found Microsoft C++. I am now testing it out. I will most likely make the switch since it is supported and many smart posters on this board recommend it.

Then, read articles/posts on this site. Ask about things. Search the forums. You need to formulate achievable goals, achieve them, and then increase the challenge. Repeat. Eventually you will link together something cool.

So on to the text based game aspect. I recommend the following:

Remember those choose-your-own-adventure type books? You read a few pages and then were faced with a decision... turn to page 86 if you want to fight the dragon turn to page 104 if you want to drink the magic potion instead....

You can create a basic adventure like that first. Next step would be to develop a parser that could interpret instructional type user inputs like GO WEST and LOOK UP.

Good luck. If you do not know the basics of programming you must first create a hello world program. If you already know the basics then try some of the stuff I wrote about.

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bobofjoe    322
Good to see that you have a reasonable goal in mind at first.

I suggest you begin, as signal_ said, by choosing a programming language. I would personally suggest you begin with C#, as you can get an extremely good IDE and compiler for free (

I suggest you first, put aside your main goal, and learn how to program some simpler games at first. Realize that you must learn to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. I suggest you follow this schedule:

1: Hello, World! (Getting console printing to work)
2: Guess the Number (Getting console input, basic game logic)
3: Tic-Tac-Toe (Input, logic and some basic AI)
4: Connect Four (A more complex version of tic-tac-toe, essentially)

After that, you should have enough experience to begin programming your game. Have fun :)

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jbadams    25674
As an alternative suggestion, you could build your text-based game as an "interactive fiction" using INFORM, although as far as I'm aware you can't have sound effects with an INFORM based game.

Otherwise the advice given by the other users is good - pick a language, start learning, and work towards your game. If you're taking this route rather than using INFORM I'd recommend C# or Python as good choices of language, but almost any language would be capable of what you want to do. Some good links for you to check out include the For Beginners Forum FAQ and the introduction section of the Game Programming Wiki.

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dillscon    142
I would also suggest C#. I cant really say enough good about it.

It has also been suggested for you to learn to program before attempting a game. I agree, but you can cheat a little. As you learn things use them to make a little bit of your game.

That has always made programming more fun for me. Plus you'll learn to apply what you're learning a lot better.

I've created a text based game recently myself, and I occationaly update it when I feel like playing with it. I used C#.

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