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Lua table exposing issues

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Hi, I didn't know if this was the right place to ask (I'm hoping someone knows lua :P), but i'm having having trouble trying to get table entries (declared in lua) from cpp code. I know its possible so its most likely bad syntax on my part. i'll just paste the code and scripts i'm using. (TestScene.lua)
uniquename = {}
resourcename = {}
size = {}
type = {}
textures = {}
detail = {}
function TerrainEntry(b) 
	uniquename[b.uniquename] = true
	resourcename[b.resourcename] = true 
	size[b.size] = true 
	type[b.type] = true 
	textures[b.textures] = true
	detail[b.detail] = true
     	uniquename = "Terrain-1",
      	resourcename = "Resources/Terrains/height128.raw",
      	size = 128,
      	type = 0,
	textures= {"Resources/Materials/new1.tga","Resources/Materials/new2.tga"},
	detail = "Resources/Materials/DetailMap1.tga"
I know that the above scripts work, because i've tested printing out the values after i call "dofile" and they display correctly. The problem im having comes when I try to expose these values to the stack so i can access them from cpp. (inside cpp functions)
void LoadFile(char *fileName)
	m_scriptor->RunScriptFile("TestScene.lua"); //Hard-coded for now

	std::string temp = m_scriptor->GetTableString("uniquename");
(The above 'GetTableString' function calls this code below, where 'key' is the char* "uniquename")
	lua_pushstring(L, key);

	lua_gettable(L, -2);

	if(!lua_isstring(L, -1))
		std::string err("<LuaPopStringFieldFromTable> Cannot retrieve: ");

		//throw std::runtime_error(err + key);

	std::string s = lua_tostring(L, -1);

	lua_pop(L, 1);   // <-------- IT DIES HERE

	return s;
If anyone could be of any help i would be very thankful, im so confused.

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don't have lua refman around here, but you must do something like:

lua_push(L, "tablename");

you should get the result on top of the stack

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