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Vertex normal problem

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Hi i have a problem that i am not eable to fix at all i pass more than 4 full day on it but nothing. I am not eable to set up a simple light i tink it is my normal beacule i am not eable to pass normal value to HLSL shader normal value stay (0.0f,0.0f,0.0f). If i draw my sceine with a simple directional light and simple (pos,normal,texture) vertex object the light is not working corectely. If i pass these object to shader i am eable to pass only the pos and texture value normal stay 0. My normal just dont want to work here is some code.
//My FVF declaration

//My vertex filling
for (i=0;i<NumOfVertex;i++)
	VERTEX.NORMAL = D3DXVECTOR3(float(X)/BW,float(Y)/BW,0.0f);
	VERTEX.UV = D3DXVECTOR2(float(X)/BW,float(Y)/BW);
	X++;if (X>BW){X=0;Y++;};

//My vertex structure

//I my shader i simply pass UV and NORMAL truth the vertex shader
//But only UV have value NORMAL is always 0

// Shader HeightField1 [HF1] (return black only) this is a test!!
struct VertexHF1
        float3 Pos	         : POSITION;
        float3 Normal		 : NORMAL;
        float2 Tex0	         : TEXCOORD0;
struct PixelHF1
        float4 Pos               : POSITION;
        float2 Tex0              : TEXCOORD0;
	float3 Normal	         : TEXCOORD1;
	float3 TP		 : TEXCOORD2;
	float3 LI		 : TEXCOORD3;
PixelHF1 VertexShaderHF1( VertexHF1 In )
	PixelHF1 Out;
	float4 Pos;
	float3 CP = CamPos;
	float3 LP = LightPos;
	Out.TP = In.Pos.xyz;
        Pos = mul(float4(In.Pos,1.0f), MatrixObject);
        Out.Pos = mul(Pos, MatrixCamera);
        Out.Tex0 = In.Tex0;
	Out.Normal = In.Normal;
	Out.LI = 0.0f;
        return Out;
float4 PixelShaderHF1( PixelHF1 In ) : COLOR
	float3 TP = In.TP/128.0f;
	float4 R;
	R.x = In.Normal.x;
	R.y = In.Normal.y;
	R.z = In.Normal.z;
        R.w = 1.0f;

        return R;

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Yes. Like Khaos said, make sure your vertex decl matches your vertex format..
Don't forget to call SetVertexDeclaration.

Does it work when you don't use shaders?

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Original post by Khaos Dragon
Maybe post what your vertex declaration looks like? (The thing you pass to SetVertexDeclaration )

The FVF is posted at the top, and looks fine.

I'd suggest two things. First, verify that the the values you give your normals in the loop are what you expect them to be. They're obviously not correct normal values, but I figure they're just for testing purposes now.

Then try running the program in PIX. Check the pixels and see how the shader was run on them. That should help yoiu find out the exact device details and what the shader got.

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