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Unity [web] JavaScript Sidescroller Redux

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WOW It's been a bit of a long time. But there has been a great deal of progress on this JS Sidescroller Project!! There is now the ability to create custom levels and import them via external .JS files into the engine!! I have a demo up on my school web page, and here's the link LINK DOWN FOR THE MOMENT. The first release of the Level Editor is available here though! It's about 200k if you're concerned. LINK DOWN FOR THE MOMENT. NOTE: When you hit 'S' use .TXT or some derivative thereof. The 'S' is for saving a map to edit later since I was to lazy to parse the .JS files. If you want to make a .JS Version Use the 'E' Key to Export it. If you wanna load, use 'L' to load the .TXT version. Other than that make some nice maps and I'll upload them! Thanks all! Link To The Original Topic [Edited by - Jinroh on February 17, 2009 2:45:18 PM]

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hey I remember this from before, although the collision still feels broken on the whole jumping on the koopa's head, and the level loading seems to keep reloading the same level right now, is there supposed to be more?

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Hey eedok,

Yeah, thanks for the reply.

It keeps reloading the same level, because that's the only one I have in the level list so far. I'm not a terribly good level designer so I just made a quick test level to throw in with the new level format. I'll make another later and stick it in the list just so everybody knows it really can play multiple levels.

Right now in the engine it is set to just refresh the page and start over if you get to the end of the level list. Makes thing simpler that way I think.

Yeah, I think I have to make Mario jump higher. I was playing SMB yesterday and I noticed that Mario jumps higher than mine so that may help things.

I have a new enemy to show off as well, but it was in a separate build I was playing with and haven't integrated yet.

Oh well, thanks again eedok.

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