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Birth of the Empires 4X-TBS free indie space strategy game

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Hi, we from the BotE-Team are a group of Germans programming a spiritual sequel to Star Trek: Birth of the Federation (some kind of MoO2) in a non-trek universe (for obvious IP reasons). We've come pretty far and are now at Alpha 4 stage, having implemented large parts of the game already including a very challenging AI with 5 difficulty levels, invasions, ship battles (no visualization yet), planetary management known from games like Master of Orion, diplomacy interaction, a stock exchange system for resources and so forth. Let's have the pictures do the talking won't we: Diplomacy field: Full view Galaxy screen (early in game): Full view Galaxy screen (late in game): Full view and another galaxy view: Full view Current build of the game is 0.62. It's freeware and 100% self-coded in C++, no mod or anything, yet no open-source. English and german version are available for download whereby the english version release is expected to be online this sunday due to late bugfixes which were necessary. I think every fan of the good old turn-based strategy times will like this game. It still lacks a decent 3D battle but there is something nice in the works with regards to this using the Irrlicht engine taking maybe another year or so. The game itself has been in development for 4 years now by a small team of programmers, graphic artists, writers and beta testers. The community (german) is located at http://www.birth-of-the-empires.de . Still there are some small issues with structure pic copyrights that we took out of the old 1999 botf Microprose game without really asking (since we haven't known whom to ask quite frankly until recently). It is playable under Linux using WINE! I hope you have fun with it once the copyright issue is solved and the links are posted and if you like the AI then and possibly want to work with it to try and improve it (a little EXP in the field is required as well as a solid understanding of OOP and advanced C++ knowledge), be sure to leave a msg here ;). [Edited by - M4lV on December 26, 2009 12:26:36 PM]

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