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Reaver    122
If you haven't done already, check out Microsoft's site for new
DirectX 7.0 downloads. They got smaller files for docs, libs,
and headers. Only 5MBs and 1MB. Hey, I just found out, not that
I check it much.

It doesn't look like Microsoft likes retained mode that much anymore,
well, just from looking at the docs at least. It's kinda of funny that
Microsoft says "it's not part of the DirectX foundation", and also
says "No future development for Direct3D Retained Mode is anticipated."

And they stuck all of its help files in the back of the DirectX docs!
In the Appendix! Ha! If that's not sweeping it under the rugs,
then I don't what else is.

Oh well, I never used it anway.

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Facehat    696
D3D Retained Mode is just a figment of your imagination! Vote Bill Gates for president!

Just kidding (No, I don't have anything against Microsoft)


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