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OpenGL glUniform problem

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I'm using glGetUniformLocation but I can't for some reason get a valid location. My test shader looks like this:

//Fragment shader
uniform vec4 col;

void main()
	gl_FragColor = col * vec4(1.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0);

//Then (actual cpp file)

int loc = glGetUniformLocation(programObject, "col");

//loc returns -1 instead loc>=0

glUniform4f(loc, 0.5, 0.1, 0.6, 1.0);

This is just a basic shader to let me test if I can get the uniform variable. I tested to see if maybe I read the file wrong but that's not it. If I use col as a regular vec4 it works fine and in this case will return turn my object yellow. I've read and researched for hours and I can't see anything different other than maybe a driver issue or that to the glsl compile 'col' is an inactive variable which it looks like it to me, right? I did check to see if I'm returning a valid programObject and I am so I'm at a lost now. The shader basically stops to work when I try to use uniform. Is there a glEnable that tells opengl to use shaders or what? Please help and thanks for any answers you come up with. I have an ATI X1 and an nvidia 7800gs (I've tested on both but same thing)

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Funny thing just happened. After switching out my video card to the nvidia one it was able to find my uniform variable. I'm starting to think it's the ide(dev-c++ skiping or not doing something properly) or maybe the compiler(mingw but I would think this is unlikely).

This isn't the only funny thing I've ran into ( for some reason the if statement didn't seem to work right some days ago).

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