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texture loading problem

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When I try to load and set a texture on a 3d square, the square comes out white. I put the texture into the project folder so that it should find it but no matter where i put it it keeps coming out white. Anyone know the problem?

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Original post by sirob
Are you using the Debug Runtimes?
That's my line [smile]

As sirob implied, it sounds like the texture isn't loading at all, which is giving you a NULL texture pointer, which you're then assigning to the device, which is having the same effect as having no texture applied at all. And assuming you have a white material set up, you'd just get a white quad.

You should be checking the return values for all important D3D and D3DX functions, where "important" is defined as "returns a pointer or fills some structure with information that you later rely on". In this case, D3DXLoadTextureFromFile, or whatever function you're using returns a pointer indirectly, and you should always make sure this function succeeds (with the SUCCEEDED or FAILED macros).
Another alternative is that you're loading the texture into a memory pool that the device can't access, such as D3DPOOL_SYSTEMEM or D3DPOOL_SCRATCH.
And another possibility is that your loading code is wrong. It's really impossible to say without some code.

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