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Allegro cpu problem

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I wondering if anyone else using Allegro can help me with my program here:
#define ALLEGRO_USE_CONSOLE /* needed to run console projects with allegro! */
#include <allegro.h>
#include <stdio.h>

char * OSName(int number)
    switch (number)
        case OSTYPE_UNKNOWN: return "Unknown or MS-DOS";
        case OSTYPE_WIN3:    return "Windows";
        case OSTYPE_WIN95:   return "Windows 95";
        case OSTYPE_WIN98:   return "Windows 98";
        case OSTYPE_WINME:   return "Windows ME";
        case OSTYPE_WINNT:   return "Windows NT";
        case OSTYPE_WIN2000: return "Windows 2000";
        case OSTYPE_WINXP:   return "Windows XP";
		case OSTYPE_WIN2003: return "Windows 2003";
		case OSTYPE_WINVISTA:return "Windows Vista";
        case OSTYPE_OS2:     return "OS/2";
        case OSTYPE_WARP:    return "OS/2 Warp 3";
        case OSTYPE_DOSEMU:  return "Linux DOSEMU";
        case OSTYPE_OPENDOS: return "Caldera OpenDOS";
        case OSTYPE_LINUX:   return "Linux";
        case OSTYPE_FREEBSD: return "FreeBSD";
        case OSTYPE_QNX:     return "QNX";
        case OSTYPE_UNIX:    return "Unix variant";
        case OSTYPE_BEOS:    return "BeOS";
        case OSTYPE_MACOS:   return "MacOS";
    return "";

char * YesNo(int number)
    if (number==0)
        return "No";
        return "Yes";

int main()
    //initialize Allegro
    //display version info
	printf("Allegro version    = %s\n", allegro_id);
	printf("Operating system   = %s\n", OSName(os_type));
	printf("OS version         = %i.%i\n", os_version, os_revision);
	printf("Multitasking       = %s\n", YesNo(os_multitasking)); 
	//display system info
    int width, height;
    if (get_desktop_resolution(&width, &height) != 0)
        printf("Error reading desktop resolution\n");
	printf("Desktop resolution = %i x %i\n", width, height);
    printf("Color depth        = %i bits\n", desktop_color_depth());
	//check_cpu(); not necessary since called by allegro_init()
    printf("Processor vendor   = %s\n", cpu_vendor);
    printf("Processor family   = %i\n", cpu_family);
    printf("Processor model    = %i\n", cpu_model);
    //display processor capabilities
    int caps = cpu_capabilities;
    printf("Processor ID       = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_ID)==CPU_ID));
    printf("x87 FPU            = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_FPU)==CPU_FPU));
    printf("MMX                = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_MMX)==CPU_MMX));
    printf("MMX+               = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_MMXPLUS)==CPU_MMXPLUS));
    printf("SSE                = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_SSE)==CPU_SSE));
    printf("SSE2               = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_SSE2)==CPU_SSE2));
    printf("SSE3               = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_SSE3)==CPU_SSE3));
    printf("3DNOW              = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_3DNOW)==CPU_3DNOW));
    printf("Enhanced 3DNOW     = %s\n", 
        YesNo((caps & CPU_ENH3DNOW)==CPU_ENH3DNOW));

if ((cpu_capabilities & (CPU_FPU | CPU_MMX)) ==
          (CPU_FPU | CPU_MMX)) {
         printf("CPU has both an FPU and MMX instructions!\n");

	printf("\nPress any key...\n");
	return 0;     

It actually compiles and runs but everything after the processor vendor line returns 0 on my system. I also ran it on virtualpc and the processor is also returned unknown so everything from then on returns 0 or no. Compiled with a 4.0 version of Allegro is seemed to work fine. Is there something that changed from 4.0 to 4.2.2 ,which I'm using now, that is causing my problem?

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