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Runescape-like engine and pipeline

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Hello, I am a professional programmer, specialized in Ruby (been working in Japan for 4 years), and now moving to Java to carry on this little project. Basically, I am creating an add-on for an existing community where players will be able to chat with each other in a virtual world; the virtual world will be limited to a city, and will include also an arena, where players can battle each other. I am coding most of the stuff as a MUD, leaving the necessary hooks to translate everything in a 3D environment. Things are going well, but I think it is time to think about the graphics. I want the game to be played easily through a Java applet in a browser, similarly to Runescape (without, of course the MMORPG aspects of the game, I am not crazy). I would like to allow people in the community to contribute to the game with their 3D models and other content; also for this reason, I would like to opt for a relatively simple and very low-poly environment, similar to Runescape's; a "2.5" world, with just ground and no sky. Are there existing graphic engines you have used that may serve to my purpose? They must be Java based, have a very small footprint, and possibly be modular enough to leave out stuff I do not need. Most of the engines in Java I see around are very advanced, with features that make them perfect for games with "more serious" graphics, but that would simply mean excessive footprint and uselessly bloated code in my case. Finally, are there some tools I could tell the community to use to work on their models? I do not know if there are Java engines with built-in world editors, but eventually I would code one myself, as I did for a couple of Ruby based projects in the past years. Thanks all!

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