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3ds max 8 - mapping animation to named bones?

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Hi there. I'm working with prefab skinned models in MAX 8. Some of them use Character Studio skeletons. It's very easy to import an animation onto them because the tools are readily available. However, the vast majority of models I'm using have generic named bones, which do not (as far as I know) have any such means of importing and mapping an animation to them. So my question is: how can I go about doing this? To elaborate a bit more, I'm using endorphin 2.5 to generate animation, which I can export to whatever format and then import into MAX via a CS rig. The most I ever have to do in this case is adjust the skeleton to prevent geometry distortion. Easy. Obviously I can't do this for ordinary bone hierarchies, which don't have the enhanced functionality of CS rigs. Would naming my bones in endorphin to match those in the MAX scene be sufficient, such that I can import the animated skeleton and replace existing bones without removing their vertex references and weights? This is precisely what happens when importing a model's existing animation sequences (which are simply animated skeletons without geometry). The thing is, I want to import new animations that don't necessarily map directly to the skeleton. Anyway, a workaround is appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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