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OpenGL Updating a single point in a 3D texture

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Hi, Is it possible to render 1 single point in a 3D texture? Basically I'll use a 3D texture as render target. But instead of rendering 1 entire slice, I only need to update 1 pixel. Maybe this is not nescesary to answer the question, but here is some code from an ATI realtime Global Illumination demo that renders SH coefficients into 3D textures with this DirectX(10) code. They also update single points in volume textures:
	D3D10_VIEWPORT shVP = { 0, 0, SIZE_X, SIZE_Y, 0, 1 };
	dev->RSSetViewports(1, &shVP);


	UINT stride = sizeof(ShVertex);
	UINT offset = 0;
	dev->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, &m_shCoeffVB, &stride, &offset);

	for (int i = 0; i < SH_COEFF_VECTORS; i++)
        // shCoeffsRTV is an array of "Render Target Views"
        // m_shTableSRV is an array of "
		ID3D10RenderTargetView *rt[] = { m_shCoeffsRTV[0], m_shCoeffsRTV[1], m_shCoeffsRTV[2]};
		dev->OMSetRenderTargets(3, rt, NULL);

		dev->PSSetShaderResources(0, 1, &m_shTableSRV);
		if (i == 0) dev->PSSetShaderResources(1, 1, &m_probesSRV);

		dev->Draw(PROBE_CUBES_PER_FRAME, m_currProbe);

I never use D3D, so its hard to read this code and find the OpenGL equivalent to do this. Probably most of the code above is not important for my question (and they also render multiple stuff at the same time with a geometry shader). Anyway, what is the best way to 'update' 1 pixel in a 3D texture? Greetings, Rick

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It depends if you are using a standard texture or render to texture.

If standard, use glTexSubImage3D.
If FBO, I don`t remember the call sequence.

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I render to a texture >> FBO

glFramebufferTexture3DEXT( GL_FRAMEBUFFER_EXT,
GL_TEXTURE_3D, targetTex.handle,
0, sliceIndex );

I guess one way to do it is by setting the viewport exactly to that one pixel:
glViewPort( pixelX, pixelY, 1,1 )
I'm not sure though, and maybe there are better ways?


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