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Coming up with ideas for IF.

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So, as the IF engine I'm working on is slowly coming together (but I'm actually making progress! I have a decentish parser more-or-less done, documentation on some easy ways I could expand it, and the event and object system roughly figured out), I need to figure out some games to implement using it to see what I need to expand. Also, making games is fun or something. Ideas: First game will be cloak of darkness, as I guess that's a way to test for flexibility. After that, we start getting into original stuff. Game 1: Fairly standard IF, but I want to focus on item interactivity. Like, instead of having a lock-and-key type puzzle where you get a hammer to break a window, in this game, anything sufficiently heavy could break the window. This would mostly be to test out the object system and parser flexibility. Game 2: Implement some strategy game elements and AI. This would be a squad-based, tactical sort of game about liberating a college campus that had been taken over by rebels. It would have puzzles as per standard IF, but you'd also run the risk of being spotted by militants and needing to take cover and attack them. Also, implement a simple conversation system for controlling the four other people on your squad. This would be fairly small, room wise, and maybe thirty minutes in length, but I'd try to implement alternate paths and strategies and a degree of randomness. Game 3: More or less a PC implementation of that board game I was talking about designing. This would require a few alterations to the engine, namely a battle system, things like weapons and armor, a player with stats, a much, much simpler parser, and a different conversation system because there would actually be NPCs. I might try writing a talk-bot first (something like... Pygmalion or whatever that one IF was) to figure out how I should do this. This one would actually be rather largish, and would require a save system of some sort. So, any other ideas of stuff I should try out here? I have a final paper due for a polsci class on thursday so work on this thing might get stalled till... early may. Which is fortunately only in a week. Which unfortunately means I might lose momentum :(

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