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running mysql++ examples

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Mania-92    122
I'm trying to run the examples (simple1 and resetdb) that come with mysql++ but when I start it, it just flashes. Just like when you make a simple console app and you forget cin.get(); at the end only difference is that putting cin.get(); at the end doesn't fix te problem. code:

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pulpfist    528
There is a couple of places your program quits without giving a message, like here:

if (!parse_command_line(argc, argv, &db, &server, &user, &pass)) {
return 1;

If you print a message to cerr before returning you will at least find out where the program exits.

Also, you can remove the call to parse_command_line all together since you have hardcoded the parameters to connect anyway. Maybe that will get you a step futher.

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