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ffmpeg question

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Problem solved: My view resolutions were wrong so I was going out of bounds in memory. I am attempting to a create a home security application that uses ffmpeg to record video, but I have hit a snag when I try to write a frame. I keep crashing when I try to convert from RGB to YUV pix fmt. I am setting the AVCodecContext to the videostream's codec, then I am using avpicture_fill() to set up the RGBFrame, and then I am using sws_scale() to convert from RGB to YUV pix fmt. My parameters I am passing into sws_scale all appear to be valid, but I crash somewhere inside that function. Unfortunately I can't step in any further since its defined inside a *.lib file. Has anyone come across a this problem or a similar problem with ffmpeg and how was it resolved. Or is there some way I can crack open the ffmeg libray so I can debug the issue myself. Here is what I am passing in: sws_scale( m_pImageConvertContext, m_pRGBFrame->data, m_pRGBFrame->linesize, 0, pAVCodecContext->height, m_pYUVFrame->data, m_pYUVFrame->linesize ); m_pImageConvertContext: 0x037c2cb0 resampling_ctx: 0x037c6c30 src_pix_fmt: PIX_FMT_RGB32 dst_pix_fmt: PIX_FMT_YUV420P m_pRGBFrame->data: 0x037c6b40 [0]: 0x035f0040 "" [1]: 0x00000000 <Bad Ptr> [2]: 0x00000000 <Bad Ptr> [3]: 0x00000000 <Bad Ptr> m_pRGBFrame->linesize: 0x037c6b50 [0]: 2560 [1]: 0 [2]: 0 [3]: 0 pAVCodecContext->height: 512 m_pYUVFrame->data: 0x0191fce0 [0]: 0x0381a680 "QQQ..." [1]: 0x0386a680 "ZZZ..." [2]: 0x0387e680 "äää..." [3]: 0x00000000 <Bad Ptr> m_pYUVFrame->linesize: 0x0191fcf0 [0]: 640 [1]: 320 [2]: 320 [3]: 0 [Edited by - TDencker on April 28, 2008 3:54:12 PM]

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