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3d world studio help....

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eronaranas    122
how can i put skybox 2 my 3d world studio maps.... how can i add models to 3d world studio? can saome one pls give me link of models that can b used n 3d world studio,,,, or if i nid to make my onw model... what software and how? pls help me.... THNX

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JamesLewis    234

If you look on the 3D World Studio site you'll see a list of all supported model types. Then if you go over to TurboSquid you should be able to search for 3D Models of those types and download some for free.

In answer to your first two questions, 3D World Studio does come with a manual and when you buy a license you get access to the Developer section of the site. These should contain the information you require. I've used the program once or twice and I'm pretty sure adding a model is as easy as File->Import... or something like that.



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