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gxm file of Queried Virtual Shadow Maps

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I bought the book of ShaderX5. There are shader code of QVSM and the gxm 3d model files in this book'CD. \04 Shadows\4.5 Queried Virtual Shadow Maps I had read the chapter4.5 and implement the QVSM. Now I want to compare the applications of this book and mine. So I want to read the 3d model file(.gxm) in this book. But I am very strange to gxm file. Does somebody know the gxm file's format or how to transfer it to xfile? This book'CD has only the shader code and executable application file of QVSM. But there is no any source code and header file in the book's CD. [Edited by - akira32 on April 22, 2008 12:18:38 PM]

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