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Pixel Madness Question

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MarijnStevens    210
I'm trying to make an effect, and the effect is like this: I have a logo, and the logo breakdown in pixels, and move on to become another logo. Like for example my logo become small pieces, and give a small snow effect. Dont worry about the code, I will do that, My problem is different: I need a way to draw pixels. I can draw the logo with a texture, but the collection of pixels, how should represent them ? Should I have a large array of vertex's, or can I use a large texture with transparency and draw (also an array) to it ? Of course I can use one of them, but I wanted to know if there are more options.

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galapogos22    385
I would either....

a) create an animated sprite of this effect (if the effect is always the same) and just render the bmp's

b)Use point sprites - 1 per pixel - and make each point sprite know its start colour and start position and its end colour and end position.
It would be very unlikely that both logos have the same number of pixels and colours so you will need a mechanism to add/remove pixels without it being obvious to the user.
The journey between start and end can be played about with endlessly (explode/disolve/morph ect its all just playing about with vecors, momentum, sin cos and tan and making sure the point sprites gets where its going in the end).

Regards galapogos

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