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SDL Gettin Pixel Color

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I am trying to get pixel color at a certain location. I have my function which returns the rgb of the pixel using SDL_Color. I want to check if this is actually working so after the color is returned I want to check the rgb values, by looking at color.r, color.b, color.g. Whenever I check them though, there is nothing stored in color.r, color.b, color.g. Shouldn't there be a number between 0-255 stored in each one? Code is below, thanks.

SDL_Color colour;
colour = GetPixel(background, 100, 100);
cout << colour.r << colour.g << colour.b;

SDL_Color GetPixel ( SDL_Surface* pSurface , int x , int y ) 
  SDL_Color color ;
  Uint32 col = 0 ;

  //determine position
  char* pPosition = ( char* ) pSurface->pixels ;

  //offset by y
  pPosition += ( pSurface->pitch * y ) ;

  //offset by x
  pPosition += ( pSurface->format->BytesPerPixel * x ) ;

  //copy pixel data
  memcpy ( &col , pPosition , pSurface->format->BytesPerPixel ) ;

  //convert color
  SDL_GetRGB ( col , pSurface->format , &color.r , &color.g , &color.b ) ;

  return ( color ) ;

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What do you mean 'nothing'? obviously it contains some values, do you mean that they are not what you expect?

Also, I think the r, g, b are chars, so they are printed as such, which might make you think that their values are invalid. Try this instead:

cout << int(colour.r) << " " << int(colour.g) << " " << int(colour.b);

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Thanks Gage64, putting in int(colour.g) worked. Before it showed nothing, meaning as if colour.g = " "; , just a space.

Also MJP , I have locksurface, but I just didn't include it in the code I posted. Thanks though :)

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