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Bone Animation confused

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Right now I have everything as weighted either 1 (influences this vertex) or 0 (doesn't influence). So a vertex in the middle of my lower arm would be: (MatrixUpperArm*MatrixForearm)*vertex // bone matrix then parent bone matrix My picture shows my thoughts, and there has to be something wrong because this vertex has to be influenced 100% by both of these bones. Therefore leading to weight0 + weight1 > 1 Also, what is the math behind the addition in this actual correct equation?: VertexFinal = weight1*Matrix[1]*vertex + weight0*Matrix[0]*vertex; EDIT*** For the bone weights, do those only apply to bones that are children? Maybe this is why I'm confused. [Edited by - dpadam450 on April 22, 2008 11:29:03 PM]

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