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Trimetric camera orientation?

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Hi guys, I'm currently programming a game that has a trimetric projection. I've figured out the view-projection matrix by measuring the angle between each axis in our artwork (created by our designer) and then computing 3 axis vector out of that. So basically, I have a 3D world, I apply this matrix to every vertices/points and voila, I get the right position on screen. Now, I need to do some depth sorting. So I thought I could separated this view-projection matrix into two matrices, and at the time I apply the view matrix, I could sort everything using the "Z" axis (since every points has been transformed into camera-space, the "Z" axis is along which the camera is looking at). However, I can't find the right orientation of the camera. In fact, I don't really know how to find that, and that's why I need your help. Oh, and by the way, if this depth sorting solution is completely dumb, please say so :) Thanks!

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