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Looking for a sprite artist

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First let me say kudos on taking a route less traveled in game design, there certainly needs to be more creative works out there. ;D

Now it seems your looking for an artist, and while the Visual Arts forum isn't necessarily a bad place, it might be more productive if it were in the Help Wanted section. Another thing is that your asking for a Sprite Artist, this seems unusual since you mentioned your working on a 3D engine, Sprite Art is usually associated with 2D graphics. What particular aspects of the engine will use 2D artwork? Or were you referring to a 3D artist?

You seem to also suggest that you have a 3D engine, yet no progress to show? It helps to post screen shots or a tech-demo to prove that you do infact have an engine, even if it is completely butt-ugly and many features aren't fully in place, as it helps reassure and promote interest in your project.

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