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Compiling Java src with JDOM

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idlevelocity    122
I just downloaded JDOM (for Java), and tried it out, but it's giving me this weird error: > javac -classpath $CLASSPATH;jdom.jar *.java javac: no source files jdom.jar: PK^C^D: execute permission denied jdom.jar: syntax error at line 2: `)' unexpected I rebuilt it, copied over the .jar file to the directory with my source file, and still got this error. Am I doing something wrong here? Google nor JDOM's website could help me :(

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Antheus    2409
Is this linux by any chance? If so, then you need to use : instead of ;

; is used to chain statement, so you're actually executing:

> javac -classpath $CLASSPATH
> jdom.jar *.java

Which produces the expected output.

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