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Interactive (Beginners) XNA Project

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Hello all, Not sure how many people have the book "Learn Programming Now! Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0 Design and create games for your Xbox 360 and your PC" by Rob Miles, but I thought I would post here that his site, LINK, is going through a tutorial on creating a "Simon" clone. I have been asking some questions in his forum and on XNA CC website, and while making a little progress, have been pretty frustrated about how a "simple" game such as this seems to be so complicated. He is not flat out giving the total solution at this point, but providing step by step guidance, along with questions to stimulate creativity. I, and hopefully I am not over stepping my bounds by saying this, wish to invite everyone to stop by and help out and learn at the same time (mainly geared towards amateurs I guess, but maybe everyone can learn a little something). I would also encourage everyone to check his book out, as it so far has helped me out quite a bit (Book Link). Hope to see some of you there! Thanks, Shawn MS Live Space

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