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Distortion of Queried Virtual Shadow Maps

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I have implemented the QVSM in C++ and DirectX. Now I have a question about resolution. PrintScreenWithArrow.png is my result of QVSM. But the place in the arrow has distortion or break in the edge if you zoom in to see. My situation is SM Size=1024x1024 the sm tile in axis=2x2 If I use the sm size of 2048x2048 and the sm tile in axis of 1x1, the distortion will not appear. So I think that is the problem in My Code of ShadowShadowResultTexureWithSmTilShadowMap(in attached file of ShadowShadowResultTexureWithSmTilShadowMap.txt) and technique TShadowQVSM_ADPATIVE3(in attached file of adaptive.txt)
technique TShadowQVSM_ADPATIVE3 //UpdateShadowResultTextureForDeferredShading
 pass p0
  VertexShader = (VsTextures[bUse3D_Way]);
  PixelShader  = compile ps_3_0 UpdateShadowResultTextureForDeferredShadingPS();
  ZWriteEnable=FALSE;//RenderState.ZBufferEnable = true;
  ZEnable=FALSE;//RenderState.ZBufferWriteEnable = true;

Could somebody have the same problem in your program? Or Could somebody help me to see my code and point the problem and error? PS:Attached File I put in the web:

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