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[web] Mixing left- and right-align on one line.

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spraff    100
Hello. I have inline elements in a paragraph p tag. I want the first of them to be left-aligned as normal and the rest to be right-aligned. I was hoping something like this would work <p>left left elft <span style="text-align:right">right right right</span></p> But that doesn't work, even giving the p a style of "width:100%" and the span "margin-left:auto;float:right" and other fiddling doesn't seem to help. At the moment all I can do that works is <p style="float:left">left left left</p><p style="float:right">right right right</p> The trouble now is the next block element flows up and underneath the two <p>s! I'm running out of ideas. Help!

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ToohrVyk    1596
To float an element, you must specify a width for that element. Otherwise, display will be random on the various browsers (it's already hard to get cross-browser displays with conforming code).

I would suggest:

<p style="float:left;    text-align:left;    width:50%">Left</p>
<p style="float:right; text-align:right; width:50%">Right</p>
<p style="clear:both">Below</p>

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