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Don't small but effective libraries help?

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Some people have such communication skills that they can get complex ideas across in only two words. You are not one of those people.

First, you posted a programming-related link in a non-programming game design forum. Your post would have belonged in either general programming or in your announcements. Feel free to read the FAQs before posting in a forum.

Second, your post title seems to have no relevance to its contents.

Third, your post body contains a link with no explanation. Most people won't follow that link.

Fourth, that link leads to a ZIP file download page. Most people won't download an unlabeled ZIP file from the internet.

Fifth, the ZIP file itself contains an undocumented library, with headers. Even worse, the header file actually insults the reader with its obvious comments, such as:

    class JBSCTRL3_CLASS Bitmap
// Construction/Destruction
Bitmap(Int32 nWidth,Int32 nHeight);
virtual ~Bitmap();
// Member Functions
inline HBITMAP GetBitmapHandle() const { return m_hBitmapHandle; }
inline Int32 GetWidth() const { return m_bmpInfo.bmiHeader.biWidth; }
inline Int32 GetHeight() const { return m_bmpInfo.bmiHeader.biHeight; }
// Static Member Functions
static HBITMAP __stdcall CreateDIB(Int32 nWidth,Int32 nHeight,BITMAPINFO & bmpInfo,Color32 ** pPixels);
// Member Variables
HBITMAP m_hBitmapHandle;
Color32 * m_pPixelData;

In the end, I feel the answer you deserve is just:


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