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[.net] Parsing MIDI on a smartphone

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Hi all, I am trying a quick C# app using that can parse through a Midi file, get the current note as it parses, play the note and update a display to show what note had just been played. I had found some examples that include winmm.dll through interop, but winmm.dll is not included in the .NET CF. I tried to make a cab project and include it in the GAC but it is (obviously) not a valid assembly, I tried to register it using cgacutil.exe but when I click it, it just pops a message box up stating the versions installed, I included it in the app's executing folder, but still could not be found. So is this possible to do at all? if not can anyone point me in a using an API. I have tried to use SndPlay but that takes a filepath. MessageBeep is... well not gonna work cause there is no freq or duration. Does beep only work on pc pocket 2003?? I have been using WM6 but could use any platform emulator. Also I could try this in C++ but I'm less familiar with it. Thanks for any ideas / suggestions in advance.

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