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Need help with LUA / VS2008

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I am having trouble trying to use LUA in my VS2008 C++ application. I need C++ to call LUA functions and LUA to call C++ functions. I tried downloading the static .lib and header for LUA 5.1.3 from LuaBinaries, but it's compiled for VS2005, and I could not get it to link properly in VS2008 (luaopen_math used undefined reference _HUGE). I also tried downloading the source and was able to create a project, and get it to compile and create lua.exe and luac.exe, but Im not sure how to go from that point (an EXE) to using lua_dofile() and the other functions in my c++ code. Does anyone have a LUA 5.1.3 / VS2008 static library project, or even just the .lib and headers?

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