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Using DirectX to read 32bit float buffers

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Hi All, I hope someone can help me understand how I can actually just read a file into 32bit floating point buffers. The files I am trying to read could/should be anything that is accesible through the DirectShow interface, so it could be mp3, flac, or anything. Please note, I AM NOT TRYING TO PLAY THESE FILES, I just want the buffers to do some calculations with them, and then I will loose the buffer, read the next file! Currently I use the DSMixAdvanced pack for playing files, but that is all in 16bit, and even if I put the IDirectSound buffers into waveextensible, the samples that come from file (with IAudiData) are still in 16bit. Is there anyway to (quickly) open a file and just read the 24bit buffers? Any help, suggestion or link is much appriciated! Regards, Eric

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