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Header file - what am I missing?

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rossmills    122
Image: Apparently "telephone.h" does not exist. But it does! I checked the folder and the file. What else do I need to include? Am I being dumb?

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Crypter    748
Try #include "telephone.h" instead of <telephone.h>

This is assuming that your header file is inside of your projects' working directory, which I am assuming it is.

*edit: Looking at the image, you may have to do the same with your other lines that include call.h and PhoneSystem.h.

In #include, using braces (< and >) tells the preprocessor to look in the default directories. Using quotes ("") lets the preprocessor know the file is inside of the current directory.

Also, on an unrelated note, you should be using #include <cmath> instead of your current math.h library in C++.

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