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What software should I use?

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Hello everyone !!! I am Ovidiu from Romania and I am new to this forum. This is my first topic and I want to ask you something. Suppose I want to create my house in 3D and make an application so that I can walk through the whole model (W S A D keys + mouse for the movement). I can build it with textures and everything in 3dsmax (which I know pretty good) but I don't know what software to use for the walkthrough. I used at some point an application DX Studio that is very nice but it worked very slow (I did everything possible to make it work faster but no results). Anyway I am sure it is the software's fault because they have some scenes on the website that are also very slow. So please help me solve this problem. I don't make a living out of this. Only an old hobby :) Thank you for reading and I am waiting for your answer. Ciao !

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Well if you want to write a program you will need to do the following things;

1. Write a program that can display 3D objects.
2. Write a model loader to load in your .3ds files, as well as draw them to screen.
3. Create a camera class that works like a standard FPS.

These are things that can be subjects in them selves. If the idea is to do these things yourself, but you don't know where to start i would advise looking into some OpenGL or DirectX tutorials. These will get you started on what you need for 3D applications.

If your looking for an already built application, i'm sure there must be some .3ds model viewers out there with a fly through ability.

Hope that gives you a starting block.

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