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Input in C# / XNA GS 2.0

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OK, so I appear to have missed something very important to game design: Input. To put it simply, I have Xbox 360 controller input and keyboard input down, but I don't quite understand Windows gamepad, or more importantly, mouse input. If anyone could post a code example with comments, or link to something clearer than the MSDN article, it would be appreciated. I want to use the mouse to aim the camera, and the keyboard to move it. P.S. I assume that mouse input could be changed from a coordinate position to analog axises by simply writing the position to memory, refreshing it, and comparing the new position to the old one, but I can't quite figure it out. Thanks! 360 Controller info: Keyboard info: Mouse info: Camera Info: Edit: figured out mouse look, and keyboard movement thanks to this: I still need to figure out using both 360 controller and keyboard + mouse, and standard windows gamepad / joystick...

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