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Floating over steps

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In many games, characters have nice walk cycles when walking on plain flat surfaces, but when walking up or down steps or stairs, the feet don't land on the steps but rather, the character sort of just floats over the steps. I am currently developing a system for avoiding that and making the feet of a character correctly land on the ground, including on slopes, steps and stairs, without the need for additional animations. However, I'm in doubt in how many of today's games the floating problem is still present. Since I can't afford to buy all of today's popular games and see for myself, I'd appreciate if you would post some screenshots of the worst and/or best examples of characters walking on stairs in various games. I.e. screenshots that show a game doing it the right way (if any?), and screenshots showing the odd floating behavior. Videos showing it would be even better, but I expect it'd be a hazzle, so screenshots will do. I'd appreciate it a lot if you would help me with this! Rune

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