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multiple GLSL shaders (images!)

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Hello, I'm starting to understand the basics of GLSL and have been toying around with it all afternoon. What I don't understand is how to specify which shader is being used on a certain object. For example, I have this colorful vertex shader: I also have this mediocre toon fragment shader: What would I do if I want the monkey to render with the toon shader, and the human with the colorful shader? Every tutorial that I've found has assumed that I want a shader to apply to the entire scene.

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When you will render an object, the call sequence might look something like

for all objects;
glBindTexture(...) //Texture
glUseProgram(...) //Shader
glUniform4fv(....) //Uniforms
glBindBuffer(...) //VBO
glVertexPointer(...) //VBO offsets
glBindBuffer(...) //IBO

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