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Looking for good cross-platform engine

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I'm working on a commercial game which targets PC, 360, and PS3 and trying to figure out what technology we'll license. The approach I'm taking is to license a handful of technologies which are modular and lightweight, and can be easily mixed and matched. The last game engine I worked with was a gigantic "do everything" engine which wasn't very flexible. I really hated using it, because the entire project felt like we were bashing the engine into doing what we wanted it to do, rather than actually writing software. The game is a simple 2D, sprite-based game, so in theory we could write our own engine. However, we want to focus on making the game fun, instead of being bogged down figuring out how the SPUs work on the PS3, etc. Anyone have some good recommendations? I have been thinking about Gamebryo as a good graphics / platform-abstracting engine, but wanted to get some more opinions Thanks a lot, Kuro

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