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[web] NEED HELP!

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I got kinda bored one day and decided I was going to relive a little of the old days and try and find a cool online AD&D type game, however to my dismay I found that text based games have been eliminated almost completely! There's always a group of people just aching for the creativity and freedom of a good text based game and online is the perfect place to host one. So I got to work. I wanted to set something up where all the information and math was already contained within the website, instead of deciding to attack then working out what the percentage etc. was it was just a click attack then pick a target and the computer works it out for you. It would work on two basic systems, die rolling and percentages. It will still include the dungeon master type people to decide what to do but instead would simplify things a bit for players and DM's so that games move faster and there's more of the creativity and less of the technical aspect. I've gotten pretty far but I'm no programmer. I need a very basic system that works much like an microsoft excel for character sheets. Also I'm hoping to have a very basic mapping system with little markers to show character, npc, and enemy positions. Only the DM would be able to move these tokens so power still lies in their hands.

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