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looking for open source C++ like scripting language

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Original post by WanMaster
I like Lua, but it's syntax is fairly different of course.
Any particular reason why it has to be similar to C++?

I suspect it's because the OP is use to C++ style syntax and wants to carry it with him into scripting land.

Personally I was happy to cast off the C++ syntax in favour of Lua, if anything I find it clearer, but ya know *shrugs*

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I just find C++ to be a much cleaner and easier to read code(but hey that is what i learned and have used for the past 8 year including PHP which is very close to c++) and I can write code a lot faster in c++/PHP than I would is say ruby/lua. I just don't want to go through learning a different(and personally akword) syntax, I already have to remember c++, php, javascript and I find myself from time to time mixing them up(mainly php and javascript).

I am also not in a position where I am being throw into a project that is already using a scripting language as if I were then yea I would have to learn it but I like to see what other options are out there if possible.

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